House rental

De Huissleutel mediates the rental of both non-self-contained and independent living spaces in Tilburg and the surrounding area. The renting of your property is a very specialized work, it is highly recommended to get advice from an expert party.

A free no-obligation introductory meeting where an expert gives you advice, can never hurt. We would be happy to visit you and discuss all matters relating to rental.

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Property management costumized:


  • We monitor the investment portfolio, any claims are settled;
  • We act as a contact person for the tenant;
  • We maintain contacts with third parties (construction, maintenance companies, etc.);
  • We advise on rentability, legal, architectural and determination of the rent.


  • Carrying out rental collection such as invoicing, collection and administration;
  • Taking care of the debtor administration;
  • Arranging rent increases and associated written notices;
  • Monitoring payments and rent arrears;
  • Taking care of reminders and engagement of bailiffs;
  • Recording and administrative processing of rent changes;
  • Charge municipal taxes and levies on to the tenant.


  • Monitoring the good state of maintenance of the property;
  • Carrying out periodic and preventive inspections, if desired;
  • Coordination, guidance and supervision of any maintenance work;
  • Carrying out initial and final inspections, recorded in digital inspection reports;
  • Carrying out maintenance work;
  • Dealing with wishes and complaints from tenants;
  • Troubleshooting technical malfunctions.


  • Recruiting and selecting prospective tenants;
  • Carrying out marketing activities for the purpose of renting out your property;
  • Coordinating viewings with prospective tenants;
  • Protecting your valuable real estate against vacancy;
  • Drafting the rental agreements and all associated aspects;
  • Verification of income data of prospective tenants;
  • Requesting written references and checking;
  • Advising on annual indexation of the rent;
  • Representing the interests of the client towards tenants;
  • Providing advice on optimizing the lettability of your real estate portfolio;
  • Handling lease terminations.

   Legal advice

  • Act as a contact person when there is a dispute;
  • Advising in case of rental disputes before the subdistrict court;
  • Advice on rent assessment matters;
  • Advising on municipal provisions and regulations with regard to rental;
  • Advice on applications for municipal permits.


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Rental options

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Offers from de Huissleutel

Broekhovenseweg , Tilburg
€ 1.025,00 p/m excl. GWL
50 m2
2 bedrooms
Acceptance: 02-10-2023
Besterdring , Tilburg
€ 1.500,00 p/m excl. GWL
50 m2
1 bedroom
Acceptance: 01-09-2023
Koestraat, Tilburg
€ 50,00 p/m excl. GWL
Parking spot
12 m2
0 bedrooms
Acceptance: 10-10-2022
Lovensestraat, Tilburg
€ 1.075,00 p/m excl. GWL
43 m2
1 bedroom
Acceptance: 01-11-2023
Pijnboomstraat, Tilburg
€ 760,00 p/m excl. GWL
28 m2
0 bedrooms
Acceptance: 01-10-2023
Spoorlaan , Tilburg
€ 1.419,00 p/m excl. GWL
61 m2
2 bedrooms
Acceptance: 01-10-2023
Kerkstraat, Riel
€ 4.800,00 p/m excl. GWL
180 m2
7 bedrooms
Acceptance: 01-08-2023
Groeseindstraat, Tilburg
€ 1.300,00 p/m excl. GWL
52 m2
1 bedroom
Acceptance: 15-11-2023
Stationsstraat, Tilburg
€ 904,00 p/m excl. GWL
25 m2
0 bedrooms
Acceptance: 01-11-2023
Predikherenlaan, Tilburg
€ 877,00 p/m excl. GWL
35 m2
1 bedroom
Acceptance: 01-10-2023
Schouwburgring, Tilburg
€ 704,00 p/m excl. GWL
26 m2
0 bedrooms
Acceptance: 01-12-2023
Pijnboomstraat, Tilburg
€ 699,00 p/m excl. GWL
27 m2
0 bedrooms
Acceptance: 16-10-2023